About Donations to Still Waters Ministry

If you have been helped or inspired by this ministry, we give thanks that we have had an opportunity to be a blessing for you. Please know that we will never ask for donations to support this ministry. God has supported us in this ministry for over 25 years without the need for us to ask others for means in order to keep Still Waters Ministry alive. While we are not wealthy ourselves, except spiritually, God, whom we serve, has created all things and continually prepares a path forward that we might follow his leading.

This has been a safeguard to keep us in his will. Some would have us go this way or that, but when God does not open up the means to pursue those paths, we know it is not his will for us. Please know that we do not covet your money in order to have expensive homes, cars, planes or yachts. We have none of those things and believe God's servants do not need them. We only ask your ongoing prayer support that we continue to minister according to God's will. Thank you for your loving prayers.