Articles and Essays
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A Concise History of the Bible (P) God's Name (P)
Dating Advice from the Song of Solomon (P) Science and Faith (P)
Fundamentalism: An Adventist Perspective (P) Thoughts on Kierkegaard (P)
The Importance of Families (P) The Purpose of the Church (P)
The War over Music (P) Church and State (P)
A Concise Theology of Ordination (P) Space, Time, and God (P)
Christians and Guns Christians and Guns, Part 2
Why Do Atheists and Christians Disagree? Dialogue with Chris about Veganism
"Why Are There Differences in the Bible?" by Dr. Sakae Kubo An Accusing Spirit
Dialectics vs. Dogma Lifting Burdens
Schrödinger's God in a Box About Good Works (P)